Russell IPM’s iPest Plus is a cloud based reporting platform that has many features. One of the most useful is the topic of our blog today: the exception module. Exceptions can be answers which are selected from an audit or a message that is selected from the checklist during a visit.


An example of an exception being triggered could be when an answer from an audit is chosen or a specific value is recorded. When reporting a barcode the pest control technician won’t know what answers are exceptions, these are defined in the office when editing the barcodes. Setting up exceptions is a good way to manage problems if they have been recorded. Once the visit is closed, the exceptional answers will be emailed to the listed recipients.




The log will also update with these new exceptions, where a history of each can be viewed. This is where you will manage your exceptions, you can close exceptions that have been dealt with and leave others open that still need to be actioned.

Exceptional answers can be applied to multi choice answers and also your scales, if a particular value has been inputted then an exception can be triggered. Other exceptional answers include messages which have been selected and values in between ranged numeric or numeric answers.

Exceptional answers can only be sent via email, you can however schedule how soon they are sent to a client after the visit is closed.