Interview with iPest technician Kieran Wyatt

Russell IPM’s lead technician for the iPest system is Kieran Wyatt and we were lucky enough to grab five minutes with Kieran for a quick overview of Russell IPM’s ground-breaking new rodent monitoring system from his point of view.

Kieran works at Russell IPM and has been involved with the iPest system from day one and so has a clear understanding of how the advanced electronic rodent monitoring system works and how to use the system productively to best suit client’s needs.

We spoke to Kieran to get his thoughts on the new advanced electronic rodent monitoring system and to get a general overview of what’s involved with the iPest system.


“The ‘iPest’ has proved that the internet of things is becoming a big thing. Who would have thought that you could have a rodent bait station connected to the internet alerting you when you have activity? That’s the genius thing about the iPest system, the benefits it brings to customers. ‘

“Call outs to companies with rodent infestations has traditionally been quite costly, but you can reduce the costs of this with the iPest electronic rodent monitoring system. With this system we get real time alerts which have been validated by two sensors, so it eliminates the possibility of falsely generated alerts. So technicians don’t need to waste time servicing empty traps, only genuine alerts need actioning – I’m not sure I’ve seen anything else quite like it on the market.’

“The iPest system is also surprisingly easy to install, maintain and to handle alerts. The web portal and mobile application is intuitive and easy to use, little training may be required to understand the systems full capabilities because the features included span massively, but if you ever experience difficulty I will always be on hand to help.”

Russell IPM’s iPest is reliable and provides a variety of different ways to view and analyse data. If you are a company who have trouble with rodent infestations or even a facility where you have the potential to have rodent issues, I would recommend the iPest system from Russell IPM to monitor for rats, spot trends in rat activity and determine where the rodents are most active. This will allow you to plan and implement the most successful IPM programmes and stop rodent issues before they become a problem.”

(Kieran Wyatt, Russell IPM, iPest Technician – statement about the advanced electronic rodent monitoring iPest system at Russell IPM. 19/10/2015)