iPest Signature Process

Russell IPM’s iPest Plus Cloud Based Reporting Software combines several amounts of features to make paperless reporting useful to a pest controller. We spoke in the previous blog about Exceptions.

This week we will discuss the signature feature of the software. The signature feature is simple, after a visit is completed the pest controller or client will sign of the visit with their finger. This will then be displayed on the pdf report which will be produced.

Signing off a visit comes after all the barcodes have been reported during the visit, the pest controller must then close the visit in order to complete it. The option to include a signature on the report will be available at this stage.


Before the visit is closed the pest controller or client has the opportunity to sign off the visit, or it can be made mandatory so that they must sign it. The default signature text is ‘I hereby approve the visit’ however this can be changed for each client. One pest controller asked “Can we change the signature text so that when they sign off the visit, they agree not to re-enter the site for 12 hours” the answer is yes! You can write your own signature text per client.


When the visit is then closed and successfully uploaded to the server, you can see it on the report, this feature is great for accountability.

signature 3