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Are your rodents being caught? Or are they avoiding your bait traps? Read about how Russell IPM’s advanced electronic monitoring system can prevent and solve your infestation problems efficiently and accurately.

Currently, bait stations on the market can be purchased in different shapes and sizes. Inside the bait stations you may have the option to include snap traps, glue boards or bait blocks to tailor the device to your needs.

Snap traps and glue boards may give a good indication of whether a rat or mouse has visited your bait station or not, as the sight of a trapped rodent in the snap trap or stuck on a glue board is a dead give-away of their presence.

However, what if you have rodent activity but are unable to see signs of it because the rodents aren’t taking the bait? There are increasing reports of ‘bait shyness’ and rodents avoiding feeding on bait which makes it more difficult for you to detect activity from these pests. Instead the rats or mice will tentatively take a lick or a small nibble which does not trigger the trap mechanism and leaves little evidence behind, meaning you will never know if they are actually present or not.


Russell IPM have developed the iPest in response to this problem. With this advanced electronic monitoring system we can detect the activity of any unwanted pests with or without them entering the bait area of the station. The iPest consists of a motion detector and thermal detector to validate rodent activity inside the bait station, so whether they enter the bait area and take a nibble or not, we will detect a rat or mouse intrusion.

The uses of the system are many and help reduce the call out time of technicians. It’s ideal for saving time and money, why send a technician to an area where there may be no rodent activity? With iPest, technicians only need to investigate areas where activity has been reported.

With Russell IPM’s advanced rodent electronic monitoring system you can export data from the bait stations and produce visualised statistics of activity by area. The system’s website includes graphs but you can expand on these by exporting data to Excel and creating your own. Other intelligent features include a mapping facility to track the pathways of the rodents and see on a map the areas most affected.

Don’t let rodents go undetected, try iPest and take action today.





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